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New York Jazz Masters 2017 took place in a beautiful Wojanów Palace in Lower Silesia, Poland. Around 75 students from 15 countries participated, including from Belgium, France, Austria, Great Britain, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Malta, Portugal, the United States, Sweden, Italy, and Turkey. A wide range of topics was covered including composition, harmony, ensemble playing, improvisation techniques, rhythm and melody. Students were able to approach the faculty members not only during class but also at the jam session which were organized every evening. We encourage you to read an article written by Sanat Deliorman who participated in 2017 edition and who discribed in detail the workshops and its background. 

JAZZ DERGISI | "A Jazz Dreamscape"

by Sanat Deliorman​

"The morning classes were followed by the conference of the day. During these panels, Aaron Goldberg talked about improvization, Mike Moreno about composition writing, Kendrick Scott about the development of a musician, Judy Niemack about the complicated story of “Autumn Leaves”, Matt Penman about relaxing during making music, Greg Osby about how to survive as a musician. These were basic information that were impactful which were occasionally like a slap in the back of the neck. (...)  To summarize, I can say that it only takes one person among forty to explain something so outspokenly, even hurting your feelings, for you to genuinely learn. I think this was the biggest gift of these morning conferences."

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