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A detailed program for the 2019 edition of NYJM will be published by the end of June. Make sure you check your email. Below you will find a short description and examples of classes from previous editions.


Instrumental Masterclass

This one and half-hour class offers students a weeklong opportunity to study under the tutelage of our esteemed faculty members. It class provides advanced instruction in a focused immersive setting. Topics in Instrumental Masterclasses explore many dimensions of instrumental performance including harmony, rhythm, improvisation, sight-reading and score reading.


Special Topic Class

These one and half hour classes are conducted by a different faculty member each day.

"Autumn Leaves: the journey of a song" | Judy Niemack

 In this workshop we will dive into this timeless tune, using body, soul and voice, starting with listening to early vocal recordings.  Judy will play examples and invite everyone to join in singing the lyrics, bass lines and the famous solos.

Composition | Mike Moreno

Talking about his own path and how he approaches writing today, demonstrated by playing recordings, or, if possible, reading work with students. Other topics include overcoming writer's block, finding a personal language, dealing with tradition and history, finding themes.

How to Make a Living Once You’ve Learned To Play | Greg Osby

This class will cover career management, band leadership, tour booking and management, contract negotiation, professional marketing/promotion and building a competitive social media profile. The business aspects of the contemporary musician's lifestyle will also be covered.

Improvisation | Aaron Goldberg

This class will discuss how to most rapidly improve as an improviser: based upon transcribing, ear training and singing, exploring the melodic and harmonic techniques of the masters, acquiring vocabulary and developing your own language/phrasing.  

Comm(and) Surrender  | Kendrick Scott

A systematic approach to accessing and developing the individual's unique talents filtered through instrument proficiency, the study of the masters, the exploration of the imagination and the practice of mindfulness.

Feel Better | Matt Penman

In this presentation, Matt will demonstrate ways to work on developing a convincing and personal feel, highlighting the differences and things in common that unite great players and how you can approach your practice time to better your own groove.


Jam Session Concerts

Members of the ensembles will have the opportunity to perform their repertoire during evening jam session concerts taking place during the local music club starting on the third day of the workshop.



During the two-hour Ensemble class, students will bring their original tunes. The class concentrates on the development of ensemble playing, score reading, and improvisational skills. It will also focus on the importance of supporting and interacting with other instruments in a musical context. Members of the ensemble will have the opportunity to perform their repertoire during lunch concerts taking place during the lunchtime starting on the third day of the workshop. The Ensemble culminates with a performance on the last day of camp.


Listening Session

These one-hour classes are conducted by a different faculty member each day and they will focus on their personal favorites. Students will learn what are the main influences that shaped the sound and careers of our faculty members. Listening is one of the most important skills in order to become a professional musician and this class will focus on how to listen and what to listen to.


Patroni medialni:

New York Jazz Masters | Email: contact@nyjazzmasters.com | Phone: +48 728 306 014